Vishva Sant Brahmrishi Sri Guruvanandji Swamy can be best introduced in the words of some of those who have heard him speak.

Gurudev is a spiritual leader of this century, and preaches what is needed in this age of short attention span and high outward focus of man. He gives you a perspective of life as it is to be lived, in the NOW. He does this by giving us simple examples and stories to drive home a point, but mainly by his presence. His presence overpowers most sceptics and one is most struck by his simplicity.” ……...a disciple

Gurudev’s teachings and his life’s experiences are becoming more and more relevant to the current times...

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AN Earnest Disciple Tribute

My latest poem that i have written for My Guruji.. this is how i experience him.. The poem just does not justify My feelings for him.
However i have still tried My best to put My feelings of reverence for him and how he effortlessly transforms me while effecting my sensibilities... Jai Gurudev!