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Vishva Sant Brahmrishi Sri Guruvanandji Swamy can be best introduced in the words of some of those who have heard him speak.

Gurudev is a spiritual leader of this century, and preaches what is needed in this age of short attention span and high outward focus of man. He gives you a perspective of life as it is to be lived, in the NOW. He does this by giving us simple examples and stories to drive home a point, but mainly by his presence. His presence overpowers most sceptics and one is most struck by his simplicity.” ……...a disciple

Gurudev’s teachings and his life’s experiences are becoming more and more relevant to the current times.

He travels across the globe and speaks from the heart to the heart. Language does not remain a barrier in his presence. He has travelled across the globe to most of the countries of the world, and his talks strike a chord with audiences, irrespective of their language or religion, since he speaks not about religion, but rather the correct way of life, to ensure a smooth and successful transition from the worldly bondages towards the our true home.

The nursery rhyme we have all heard as children is frequently quoted by Gurudev with as much innocence and love as a child, but packed in the context of his teachings, it reminds us so much of what we have lost, but learn to regain in his presence.

live in the now, don’t seek faults in others and improve yourself. Your faith will make heaven come to you……..
The time to be happy is now and the place to be happy is here.. N the way to be happy is to make someone happy And to have a little heaven right here.. And to have a little heaven right here..

Under the aegis of Vishwa Dharma Chetana Manch, i.e. the World Spiritual Awareness Forum, in the course of his travel through the globe, his preachings have improved the lives of millions of devotees. His guidance and blessings are behind the Sri Brahmrishi Ashram, that is in the holy land of Tirupati, India. Many festivals are celebrated here, and the seva/service done by the devotees , who feed the thousands who throng the ashram during these times, fills the visitor with a feeling of positive energy and peace.

His teachings encompasses life and it is difficult to encapsulate by words in a website, but again, in the words of some of his devotees,

India has produced countless yogis, and evolved souls over time whose mission has been to remind us about our true purpose in life.

Shri Gurudev has been the disciple of Devraha Baba, also spelled Deoraha baba was an Indian Siddha Yogi saint who lived beside the Yamuna river in Mathura. He was known as "ageless Yogi with a secular image" Shri Gurudev has performed severe penances for many years of his life and is a spiritual master who has achieved all there is to achieve in this world.

Mystic phenomena is not something that is an end in itself, it is just means to an end, and gives us a jolt out of the deep slumber we lie in, to try to revert back to our path of self-discovery with responsibility.

That is what Sri Gurudev imparts to us. His lectures are full of surprises, and we would invite you all to attend.